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Better rated Dog Foods have more meat and less filler.  Dogs require less,  bags last longer, and you have less clean up in the yard!  Dogs are carnivores and have evolved to have diets that are primarily meat.
Canned and raw food contain plenty of water and this helps keep your cat hydrated.  Cats typically have a low thirst drive.  Cats that eat dry food and have a water bowl available will only ingest on average 1/2 the water of a cat eating raw or canned.  This can result in chronic dehydration  which can cause or contribute to many health issues such as urinary crystals, stones, bladder infections, constipaation and kidney disease. 
Traffic leashes have two handles, one which is close to your dog's collar.  This is very helpful when you need extra control! Stop by our store to see our selection.
We are proud to offer these durable, comfortable and stylish beds from Aviva Designs.  Choose your color!  Designed and manufactured in Canada.  Washable covers
Thinking of feeding raw? Here are some basics: All raw dog and cat food should contain meat, bones, organ meat. The following are also often added: vegetables, kelp, and fish oil.
The 2 popular raw feeding models are:
1)Whole Prey
2)Bones and Raw Food.
If you are feeding raw or planning to we would be happy to discuss the features of our various raw foods.

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