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Raw Feeding

Thinking of feeding raw?   

This is one of the healthiest ways to feed your dog or cat.   It is important to ensure the food has the right balance of meat, bones and organ meat. The following are also often added: vegetables, kelp, and fish oil. 

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Best ways to feed your cat


Cats tend to have a low thirst drive.

In nature cats get significant moisture from their prey  (a mouse is 80% water)

When we feed dry food (about 10% water) it tends to dehydrate our cats

They often do not drink enough water to rehydrate after eating dry food. They  can then become chronically dehydrated.

This can lead to many health issues including kidney disease , lower urinary tract disease,  urinary crystals.


BOTTOM LINE: Adequate moisture is essential  for your cat’s health. Cats fed solely dry food have a lower water intake and lower urine volume than cats on a wet food diet



#1 Recommendation: Feed your cat wet food , canned or raw,  these are about 80% water

#2: Consider buying a water fountain, flowing fresh water is more attractive to cats that still water.

#3: Ensure there is always fresh water in your cats bowl, change the water daily

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Cat Grass

Cats crave  greens, if healthy greens are not available they may eat house plants which can make them sick. We grow cat grass year round!  Cat grass also helps with digestion and if consumed on a regular basis can help prevent hairball build-up! 

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The Advantages of Better Rated Foods

Better rated foods have more meat, less filler. Dogs require less, bags last longer.....and you have less clean-up in the yard.  To see some of the best rated food click here.

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Food Allergies

Is your pet allergic?

Our pets can exhibit allergic reactions in many ways including itching, running eyes, smelly ears, chewing on the paws, loss of fur etc.

Allergies could be caused by the environment (i.e.: pollen or other airborne allergens). These are often seasonal and get better or worse depending on the time of year.

If you suspect your pet is dealing with food allergies, we will be happy to discuss strategies to reduce or eliminate the problem. These could include:

Trying a limited ingredient food that uses different meats than you are currently feeding

Stopping treats and table scraps for a period

Trying a different category of food (canned, freeze dried, raw)

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Similar on the outside, very different on the inside. 

These two kibbles look similar but are very different. The left one is “Enthusiastically recommended”

On the left is ORIJEN. It has great ingredients like: Boneless Angus beef, boneless wild boar, boneless lamb, beef liver, boneless pork, pork liver, whole herring. It is rated as 5 Stars on by Dog Food Advisor.

On the right is a plant-based kibble using a modest amount of meat and bone meal. The first ingredients are: Whole grain corn, meat and bone meal, corn gluten meal, animal fat. It is a 1 star dog food and is not recommended by Dog Food Advisor . 

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