Raw Food

Why is raw feeding becoming more popular?


The increase in raw feeding is one of the most significant trends in the pet food industry today.  Through evolution, the bodies of dogs and cats have superbly adapted to maintain health on the foods available to them in the wild. These were raw foods, also known as a biological diet.

Look inside your dog or cat’s mouth. Their teeth are designed to eat meat. Natural, raw foods set up and maintain healthy, natural biochemical reactions. These biochemical reactions set up a natural line of defense – a healthy immune system – that continuously fights off bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

Mon Ami carries reasonably priced, high quality, raw foods in convenient packaging from the suppliers listed at the bottom of this page. If you would like more information about raw feeding we would be happy to talk with you.





Did You Know?

-doggie odour- 

-foul breath


-urinary tract infections


Raw feeding can significantly improve the following:

-  allergies-  diarrhea
-  itchy skin
-  dry, brittle coat
-  arthritis
-  anal gland problems

Our Raw Food Suppliers

5 Stars Natural Raw Food is a producer of high quality frozen raw food for dogs and cats. The ingredients used in our products are of superior quality. The ingredients are natural and human grade. All of our meats come from government inspected producers. The fruits and vegetables are fresh, ripe and never dehydrated. Our food does not contain any cereals, starch or preservatives. Our recipes are made to meet the specific needs of your companion.

Our goal at Formule Raw is to provide our canine friends with a biologically appropriate raw diet. This diet consists of natural, local ingredients, which are approved for human consumption. We make the raw diet to help owners provide a raw, natural diet and complete diet, without the headaches. 

All of our products are locally made at our modern ​processing facility located at 50 Akerley Blvd., Unit 112, Burnside Nova Scotia. This 4500 square foot facility, opened in 2015, features a retail store front, and specialized equipment that allows us to grind bone, ​process treats and other products in a state of the art processing facility​. All meat is human grade* and supplied by federally or provincially inspected abattoirs. We are committed to using only the finest products and high processing standards to ensure your pet is getting the best in quality and nutrition.

At Faim Museau, we believe that a natural raw food meat based diet is the best option for our canine and feline friends. Made in Quebec, our products are fresh, nutritious and adapted to the carnivorous digestive system of dogs and cats.

Mega Dog - We are committed to offering the highest quality ingredients at the best affordable prices. All of our products are sourced from Canadian inspected suppliers, and the meats we use are raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics..

*by special order*

Browse our wide range of products aimed to best suit your pet. Both dog and cat food is produced at Mountain Dog Food. Our dog food comes in 10 different flavours, including small dog. Cat food comes in both the chicken and turkey options.

Tollden Farms has been producing our high quality raw food since 2002. We are constantly researching nutrition, and we apply all of our knowledge to developing and producing what could be considered the best raw food available on the market today. Our quality is unsurpassed, all of our suppliers are carefully researched in order to provide your companions with the ultimate in nutrition. Our prices are comparable to a premium-priced kibble and a natural diet will help save you costs at the vet clinic. We believe that fresh is best, whether you are a dog, a cat or a human. A fresh food diet is the first step to a healthy body.

Urban Wolf is a mix that is added to cooked or raw meat in order to provide a complete and balanced diet. It is a great choice for customers who want the health benefits of raw and to be able to select the type of meat and choose whether the meat should be cooked or raw. Improvements in the pet’s health are often quite dramatic, particularly with digestive issues which often go away within days of starting Urban Wolf. Increased vitalit and weight loss for overweight pets is also observed.

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